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Wall of Fame

Purpose: To honor and promote IHS alumni who have attained distinction in their professions/careers, made an impact on the community of Indiana, and/or the community in which they reside or resided.

Background: Successful businessman and distinguished IHS alumnus, Mr. Chuck Spadafora, presented the idea of an IHS Wall of Fame to our senior high school community to recognize accomplished Indiana Area Senior High School alumni with plaques to display within our school. Multiple meetings and communications occurred with Mr. Chuck Spadafora, Mr. Skip Spadafora, Leadership Seminar students, and Principal Wade McElheny, to discuss purpose, organization, and implementation of the IHS Wall of Fame program.

Process: An individual who desires to nominate an IHS alumnus for the award may obtain an IHS Wall of Fame nomination form for completion and submission to the main office of the senior high school. The Wall of Fame Selection committee, comprised of Leadership Seminar students, parents, faculty/administrators, Board, and community representatives, will review and research nomination information and select individuals to honor. For the inaugural year (2017-2018), ten individuals will be selected and acknowledged at a school function. Two individuals will be selected and recognized each year thereafter.

Plaque: Aluminum plaques will measure approximately 10”x 14” and be located on the faces of the brick pillars in the Upper Commons Area of the senior high school. The pillars symbolize support of our school community and are located in student and visitor high-traffic areas. The pillars allow also for maximum visibility and afford adequate space for additional plaque display. Each plaque will be manufactured using IHS CO2 Epilog Laser and will contain name, year of graduation, short biographical sketch, accomplishment, and a portrait etching of the awardee. The plaques will be manufactured by the IHS Technology Education students.